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Glaucoma affects millions of people and unfortunately, if it is not treated, it causes blindness. In some cases, medication does not provide better results and the eye specialist ends up recommending glaucoma surgery. There are two main types of surgery and they each have their own set of features. Another eye condition that affects people is cataract and cataracts treatment varies from patient to patient.

There is no cure for glaucoma, but thanks to surgery, vision is stabilized and loss is prevented. It is essential for each patient to know the risks involved, recovery and everything regarding glaucoma surgery. An eye specialist will guide patients through the process and make sure they take the right decision. Laser surgery is one of the most popular choices and it helps decrease intraocular pressure. Many ophthalmologists recommend this procedure over conventional one, especially if the eye pressure is not too high or the optic nerve not severely damaged.

As for recovery, patients can usually return to their daily activities shortly after the intervention. However, it is best not to start lifting heavy items, strain or bend. In order to monitor the progress, visiting the eye specialist is recommended on a regular basis. Risks exist, but they are not high, as rare complications include drop in pressure and short-term intraocular pressure. Medication is given to patients to manage situations.

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