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LASIK eye surgery may be a surgical technique that uses lasers to correct blurred vision. The optical device is employed to allow the eye's membrane stroma a replacement form that the patient will see dead while not the employment of glasses or contact lenses. The lasers ar preciseness tools that job to vary the form of the membrane while not heating or damaging the other elements of the attention. myopia, ametropia and astigmatism may be corrected through the employment of LASIK eye surgery.

In order to qualify for Best lasik surgeon in jaipur, a patient should have a vision prescription that has been stable for a group quantity of time; the limit is mostly around 5 years, though it varies reckoning on laws set by totally different eye doctors. Once the patient has been approved for the surgery, he or she should refrain from sporting contact lenses for anyplace from one to many weeks, once more reckoning on the stipulations of the individual doctors. The forms of contacts that the patient has been sporting and the way long he or she has worn contacts often are factored into this mandate.

Lasik eye surgery is the most common typeof surgery , in this surgery changes the changes the shape of cornea in front of eye. After lasik surgeon in jaipur is to bend the ray to focus on retina for clear vision. The main aim of Lasik surgery is clear the vision and sharper vision. Lasik is the short form of Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis which is eye surgical procedure to correct the vision problem , reducing or eliminating the need for corrective lenses. Dr Nitesh Bansal is the best lasik specialist surgeon and he conduct various tests himself.

Our Facilities

  • Lasik Laser : Freedom From Spectacles and Contact Lenses Useful In Sports Fitness & Cosmetic Apperance (लेसिक लेज़र : चश्मे ऐवं लेंस से मुक्ति )

  • PRK (Photo Refractive Keratectomy)
    ICL(Implantable Collamer Lens)
    (पतली पुतली के मरीज़ों के लिए चश्मे से छुटकारा)

  • C3R (Keratoconus Management)
    (कमजोर पुतली के मरीज़ों के लिए उपचार )

  • Phacoemulsification : Toric , Multi Focal,Foldable Lens,Implantation

  • Diabetic & Hypetensive Retinopathy Management
    (मधुमेह तथा उच्च रक्तचाप सम्बंधित नेत्र जाँच व उपचार)

  • Glaucoma Management
    (काला पानी की जाँच व उपचार)

  • Non Contact Tonometry

  • Squint & Amblyopia Management

  • Contact Lens Center

  • Complete Eye Care

Now we are going to inform you about eye treatment details which is given below.

Non contact tonometry

A tonometer is a diagnostic tool which is used to measure the intraocular pressure (IOP) inside a patient's eyes. The Intraocular Pressure can help for glaucoma and eye disease that can cause blindness by damaging the nerve in the back of the eye optic nerve. The Non- Contact Tonometer uses puff of air to measure patient eye pressure. Dr. Nitesh Bansal is very lasik specialist surgeon and use Non- Contact Tonometer for eye patients.

Best lasik surgeon in jaipur

Ocular trauma management

Lasik surgeon in jaipur

Ocular Trauma is eye disease which is very serious problem for the health system. We want to inform you that through this site, Ocular trauma is the most under-recognized causes of vision loss in the India. If you are suffering ocular trauma, you can visit Pink City Eye Center which is famous of Best Lasik Specialist in Jaipur because treatment of ocular trauma should be performed by Lasik Specialist.


Neuro Ophthalmology is a specialty that concentrates on the visual problems that are related to the nervous system.In this Visual problem that does not come from the eyes themselves. Neuro-ophthalmology is the specialty that deals with ophthalmic disease and which is a subspecialty of both neurology and ophthalmology. Dr. Nitesh Bansal checks half of the brain for vision related sight and moves the eye.

lasik laser surgery in Jaipur

Contact lens center

lasik specialist in Jaipur

Contact lens is medical device which is used in eye diseases for effective form of vision correction. Contac t Lens can provide comfortable in eye ,At the Pink City Eye Center, our teams are up to date with all the latest technology, and specialize not only in thorough eye checkup. Dr. Nitesh Bansalhas only one aim to Vision is possibly our most important sense. Approximately 90% of what we learn throughout our lifetime is vision related and our eyes enable us to read, drive, sports, shop, and so many other every-day activities which are useful.Our Eye Doctor provides complete eye checkup as well as eyewear such assunglasses and contact lenses.

Our Speciality

  • Minimal Invasive Cataract Surgery(MICS,PHACO) Under Topical Anaesthesia
    (बिना पट्टी , बिना सुई व बिना टांके द्वारा फोल्डेबल लेंस प्रत्यारोपण )

  • Lasik Laser Surgery

  • Medical Retina (आँखों के पर्दे से सम्बंधित बीमारिया)

  • Cataract & Phaco

  • Multifocal & Toric IOL (मोतियाबिंद ऑपरेशन के बाद चश्मे की कोई आवश्यकता नहीं)

  • Squint

  • Diabetic Retinopathy

  • ROP Screening (बच्चो में समय से पहले पैदा होने पर होने वाली पर्दे की बीमारी की जाँच)

  • PTERYGIUM (नाखूनों का Limbal Stem Cell Grafting द्वारा शत प्रतिशत इलाज़ )

  • Ocular Tracuma Management