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'Squint' also known as Strabismus is the condition where your eyes look in different directions. It means your eyes are not aligned properly to look in the same direction. This condition may affect both children and adults.

For most people eyes work together in the same direction as a pair that means if you want to look at an object your eyes will automatically focus on that object as a pair. The image received by your eye might be slightly different for each eye, so it joins to have a 3-dimensional vision. This gives you the perception of how far things are from your eyes.

This condition can be caused due to poor vision or sight-threatening condition in one eye. When a child has a squint, the sight of one eye might turn weaker. It is observed in the children when he/she wants to focus on a small object or is tired and for some children squint is noticeable when they are not focusing directly on something.

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